"Friend Zone" to "End Zone" | Marni The Wing Girl

Are you single and confused by women? Would you like a guided tour into the mysterious mind of a woman? If you are ready to get out of the “Friend Zone” and into the “End Zone”, we have the podcast for you. Many men spend their entire lives in a fog when it comes to women. They don’t understand how to approach them, pick up on the subtle hints, how to turn them on, how to compliment them; in a nutshell they don’t know what woman really want. Some guys will get frustrated with this and give up. They’ll think that women just want jerks or assholes that treat them like crap or it’s just money they want. Other guys will see woman as a challenge that can be understood with hard work. They’ll see woman as a great adventure like climbing an epic mountain like Mount Everest. Just as you would never climb a dangerous mountain like Mount Everest without an expert guide to help you avoid the major pitfalls and sharp cliffs, a wise man challenging himself to understand women better will also find an expert guide to help avoid the pain and time wasted on unsuccessful dating. If you are the type of man that is ready to step up your game with No-BS dating advice, then sit tight, turn up your volume and get ready to change your dating life.

On today’s show we have Marni Kinrys (aka “Wing Girl”). She is a female dating coach for men that has spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of men go from the “Friend Zone” to the “End Zone”. She has one simple mission…give the good guy the edge. She teaches men everything they need to know about woman especially the important stuff that other women would never want you to know. She created The Wing Girl Method to give men access to the 5% of knowledge that attracts women which no man can ever teach you. How does she know this? One reason is she interviewed 1,000s of woman on what they want and as luck would have it….she is a woman with a vagina. Which would you rather have on your side, another clueless man stumbling around in the dark or a woman with a very bright flashlight leading you every step of the way? I think it’s obvious! She can teach you everything you need to know to attract, date and get any girl you want. What guy doesn’t want that? Hell I am a woman and I want to learn more. Let’s all gain more knowledge from the Wing Girl herself, Marni Kinrys, in this amazing interview.


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Jeff Harrison
Mr. Persuasion Unleashes Your Superpower | Jeff Tippett

Imagine creating a world where all of your dreams came true simply because you opened your mouth. Want a powerful promotion at work, new high paying job, date the most beautifully interesting person you have ever met; merely open your mouth and let the world bend to your will. What if you could have absolute control over the outcome of your life? Would you run towards this power as fast as a cheetah or hide in your protected safe shell like a turtle? If you are the type of person that wants more control of your life, then you’re in luck because we have what you desire. However, I must caution you that this secret superpower does come with a warning. It has been known to be used for evil, causing harm to innocent people. So as Spider-Man was told by his Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility.” If you can’t handle a power strong enough to thoroughly transform your life into what you want it to be, then you are listening to the wrong podcast. The last thing we want is to provide you with a power you are not ready to embrace. If you are prepared to make this superpower a positive part of your life, you are going to love this interview.

Our guest today, Jeff Tippett (aka Mr. Persuasion), is the author of “Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication is the Only Force You Will Ever Need”. Jeff is a persuasive communications expert that helps people increase their effectiveness in the art of persuasion. Brands such as Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association, The League of Women Voters, and The League of Conservation have trusted Jeff to develop and implement communications plans to persuade elected officials, the media, and the general public. Jeff has impacted thousands of lives through over 500 presentations including keynotes and seminars. We are so confident in Mr. Persuasion that we are willing to offer you a money back guarantee. If you don’t learn something that improves your powers of persuasion, we will gladly give you back all the money you spent on this podcast plus you will receive a FREE view of our stunning website www.makemorelovenotwar.com. We are the only podcast brave enough to offer this amazing guarantee! All joking aside…you are going to benefit immensely from Mr. Persuasion himself, Jeff Tippett, as he unleashes your superpower right now.


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Jeff Harrison
Four Pillars to Be Happy, Joyful and Free | Amy Chuang

How does one forgive someone that hurt them when they were vulnerable, too young or too weak to fight back? It may feel as if the world is conspiring against you for some strange reason. The pain from this can run so deep that it almost becomes as badge of honor or trophy that feeds your ego with a well earned hatred for this person and what they did to you for years. This hatred can build up for so long that you begin to make it part of you and wonder what it will mean to let it go. You may wonder, “I’m just a victim that allows others to push me around? Am I weak? How can anyone ever love someone like me?” Some people hold on to this victim mentality because they feel this makes the person that hurt them forever lower than them because they now owe them. Therefore, if they forgive they will forever be foregoing what they are owed. In this episode we explore the four pillars that will help you forgive others and yourself to bring you true happiness, joyfulness and freedom to live a better life.

Our guest today, Amy Chuang was born in China and moved to America when she was a teenager which gives her a unique perspective on both Eastern and Western cultures. She has studied many different religions and philosophies which has lead her to the conclusion that they all come down to four pillars; Compassion, Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude. In this podcast, Amy goes into great detail on how you can employ these four pillars in your life to not only forgive but find true freedom from people that have harmed you. The four pillars create the right mental state so you can have a foundation of self-healing that will help you love yourself completely. You will be ready to cut the anchors that have been holding you in your desolate place for so many years. You may need to listen to this podcast more than once because it packed full of powerful wisdom. If you know someone that could benefit from this, be the friend that extends a helping hand and share this podcast. Amy’s advice will sink into your soul making it shine brighter than it ever has before.

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Jeff Harrison
Thank God For Sex Toys | Tracey Cox

Every generation thinks they invented sex and of course everyone is a natural born sex expert. No reason to bother learning anything else about sex because you got this covered. As a matter of fact, this podcast is full of valuable information on hot sex that will be a complete waste of time for an expert such as yourself. Therefore, I suggest turning this podcast off right now. Don’t burden your ears and mind with knowledge on sexual myths, the good and bad influence of porn, and learn about the process of creating sex toys that actually rock your world. I’m sure there is someone on the planet that would like this information but it’s too bad for us that it’s not you. So please turn this podcast off right now. We’ll wait for you to stop it.

Are you still here? Well….obviously you are curious to see what other people don’t know about hot earth shaking sex; those poor poor souls. Maybe one of your friends is one of those unfortunate characters and you just want to see if you can find something to help them. You’re such a good friend to take time out of your day to learn something new about amazing sex for someone else. What a giver you truly are!!

Our guest today, Tracey Cox is known to many as a true Sexpert, but she would not call herself a Sexpert because she says that she is still learning about sex. This is even after writing 16 Sex and Relationship books including the bestseller “Hot Sex: How to Do it”, being an Associate Editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, hosting TV series about sex in the UK and US, appearing on Oprah, CNN and The Today Show, writing a weekly column about sex for the world’s largest English speaking new website, MailOnline, has her own blog on sex, life and love, and has a signature line of sex toys she designed on the world’s most popular sex toy retailer, Lovehoney. If Tracey Cox is still learning about sex, we all need to step up our game. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a great personality. You are going to love this interview with her as we explore the crazy world in the bedroom and how we can all have hotter sex.



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Jeff Harrison
Whine With Wine | Raw & Unfiltered "GIRL TALK" Ep 8

Imagine being a fly on the wall at a winery as a group of women explore their inner thoughts with NO filter. This is exactly what we do in our series Wine With Wine. This is "Girl Talk" that is not for those with delicate ears. Let us transport you to a forbidden wonderland that explores the crazy things that happen in modern relationships. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

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Jeff Harrison
The Danger of Perfection | Andrea Johnson, LPC

It’s easy to look at someone else and think…Man, they must have it easy because they are beautiful, rich, smart, well connected with tons of privileges that I don’t have. They must be happy all the time as they skip through their magical life while I grind out every single inch as I push my boulder up a very steep rock mountain like Sisyphus. It may even be impossible to see the struggles others have especially in this artificial, only show my best social media world. There are people that make decisions on what they are going to do over the weekend based on whether it will create stunning social media pictures to put up on their InstaBrag page. They may not even enjoy the activity but if it makes others jealous then it’s a win. With all of this pressure to always be someone else creating content for our media company called Ego Incorporated, we can lose touch of the human struggles everyone has.

Our guest today, Andrea Johnson is a Licensed Professional Counselor that many would look at and say she has it all. She’s beautiful, smart, comes from a wealthy family but she was very depressed and suicidal when she was in her 20s. On paper she had it all which actually made her feel even worse because she felt like she did not suffer enough to feel depressed. In reality, she was going through a different kind of suffering then someone that is oppressed or grows up so poor that they are unsure if they will even eat each day. Her depression came from holding up the impossible standard of PERFECTION. She could not stumble for even a second. Being trapped in a world of perfection is like walking across a field full of landmines where you know you will step on one but you don’t know when. Each step is full of fear and deep anxiety wondering if this will be the step that destroys your perfect world. This pressure can become overwhelming driving people to take their own lives to avoid being found out that they are not perfect when they inevitably step on one of those explosive landmines. Luckily Andrea turned this negative pressure to be perfect into something positive. In this interview, you will hear about her struggles and how she made it through her mine field to become an inspiration for many.



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Jeff Harrison
Sexual Fetish Advice Expert | Liz LaPoint

Sexual fetishes play a major role in many people’s lives but for some people they make no sense. I’m sure many of you have heard of one of the most popular fetishes, the infamous foot fetish. If you are not into feet, this may sound like the craziest thing in the world. Why would someone get off looking at a girl’s sweaty dirty feet? This just sounds like the most bizarre behavior to some people. If you think that is unusual, how about microphilia and macrophilia. What’s that you ask? These are fetishes where people fantasize about being either really small like a toy doll or really big like a giant. I bet you didn’t see that one coming. Some fetishes don’t even have a name but people will commission custom porn companies to create these fantasies. In the book “The Butterfly Effect” by Jon Ronson, he talks to custom porn producers and actresses about films they made for customers. One was a Wonder Woman and Gremlin film where the Gremlin makes Wonder Woman do certain things and has complete control over her. It’s all about keeping Wonder Woman there and making her do things. In one of the scenes, Wonder Woman is lying on the sofa in a bikini and then she decides to leave the house but just then a tiny Gremlin hits her on the back of her head. Wonder Woman is stunned and stays put. Then the Gremlin hypnotizes her and Wonder Woman gets tied up. You may be thinking….how in the world is this a turn on and why would someone pay 10s of 1,000s of dollars to create a film like this. Jon Ronson was curious as well so he contacted the individual. The answer the man provided is a great insight into what can create a fetish. The man said that his Mom left when he was five years old and he only has two memories of her at all. My younger brother and I setting on her suitcase in a closet trying to keep her from picking it up and shortly after being in a neighbor’s front yard with my neighbor’s Mom watching my Mother walk up the street with the suitcase in her hands. WOW….sitting on her suitcase to try to stop his Mom from leaving. How powerful is that? Now hearing about his custom video about a Gremlin hitting Wonder Woman over the head to make her stay doesn’t sound so strange. That is why it’s important to always come from a place of curiosity and not judgment.

Our guest today, Liz LaPoint has an amazing blog and YouTube Channel called The Naked Advice With Liz LaPoint and a fun podcast called CinaMarried that she hosts with her husband. The Naked Advice is a place where Liz will answer questions about dating, sex and relationships. Being a place for people to ask questions on sex it was only a matter of time before questions on sexual fetishes started rolling in. As they did, Liz would give each and every fetish an honest no judgment answer. Word spread about The Naked Advice and she became the go to person to ask advice on fetishes. Liz believes in being sex positive and developing healthy boundaries and attitudes, and that women can embrace their sexuality while also being intelligent and educated. She has posed nude for art and professional modeling that fulfilled artistic endeavor for her. Woo Hoo NAKED TIME!!.....but I digress! Seriously, Liz LaPoint is more than an outstanding resource for advice she is a lot of fun with a great sense of humor and you’ll enjoy getting to know her in this awesome interview.


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Jeff Harrison
“Becoming Cliterate” For All | Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.

In our last podcast titled “Real Men Know She Comes First with Ian Kerner”, Ian explained to us the importance of using oral sex to fully please a woman. He calls it “Core Play” because that’s what brings the most pleasure to women. He also created the word “Cliteracy” and tells men that there are no more excuses for being “Ill-cliterate” with women. Ian Kerner says “Down with ill-cliteracy! The tongue is mightier than the sword! Think outside HER box! Viva la Vulva!” His book “She Comes First” is mainly targeted at helping men understand women’s sexual needs better and gives a step by step guide to blow a woman’s mind in the bedroom. As awesome as Ian Kerner’s book is at helping men, it is only half the battle. Women need to know their bodies better and what brings them pleasure.

Our guest today, Laurie Mintz wrote the book “Becoming Cliterate Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How To Get it”. In this amazing book, Laurie guides women in exploring their bodies to understand what they like so they can express that desire to their partners to bring them maximum pleasure. Her mission is to close the “Orgasm Gap” that has been affecting women for centuries. This notion that sex is for the man’s pleasure and it’s a woman’s duty to satisfy men is so 1950s. Today’s women need to grab their orgasms by the horns and ride that pleasure beast like the world champion bull rider “Lane Frost”. It’s time to take matters into your own hands…literally…and know thy self or at least know thy vulva. If you don’t know how your vulva brings you pleasure, stop expecting your man to be some kind of Magellan that goes on a lifelong expedition to find your O-face. You need to figure it out and then provide the pleasure map to your partner. Laurie Mintz lays this out perfectly in her bestselling book “Becoming Cliterate” and this is a must read for anyone that was lucky enough to be born with a clit, the greatest pleasure generator ever designed. I know everyone wants to jump online and order “Becoming Cliterate” and get down to business, but before you do that listen to this amazing interview with Laurie Mintz right now.

Website: http://drlauriemintz.com/

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Jeff Harrison
Real Men Know “She Comes First” | Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

In the world of psychology, there are people that push the boundary of knowledge that transcend our understanding of the human experience to a new level. People like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, John and Julie Gottman and Abraham Maslow have been able to capture a behavior humans unconsciously do and articulate it into a theory that allows us all to evolve past the emotions that are steering our lives into destructive situations. Sometimes their theories are so clear that they can be put into a few words. I’m sure everyone has heard the term “Freudian Slip” which is an error in speech due to the interference of an unconscious train of thought or “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” is about meeting a need like eating, shelter, safety before you can move up to self-fulfillment needs that include creative activities like painting. There are few people that have this kind of impact on the world of psychology that they are a must to know and learn from.

On today’s show, we have one of these amazing people in the world of psychology, Ian Kerner, Ph.D. Ian has probably been responsible for more female orgasms than any other man on the planet and I’m talking real not the fake ones. Ian Kerner is the author of the New York Times bestselling book “She Comes First, The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman”. Like the term “Freudian Slip” Ian Kerner has coined his own terms “Cliterate, Ill-Cliterate and Core Play”. This book is a must and I mean absolute must read for all men that truly want to please their women and have them begging you for more. Who doesn’t want that? There is no reason for any man to hide behind the excuse of not knowing how to please your woman completely. The facts are all in “She Comes First” in a complete guide. If you are a woman, get this book for your man now. If you are a man that has not read this book yet, order it online right now and blow your woman’s mind with your new skills. You can also get the audiobook on Audible and listen to it on your drive to work instead of the radio DJ that will teach you nothing about blowing your woman’s mind….no excuses guys! Before you go buy “She Comes First” listen to the author himself, Ian Kerner, in this awesome interview.

Website: https://www.iankerner.com/

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Jeff Harrison
Whine With Wine | Unfiltered "GIRL TALK" Ep 7

Imagine being a fly on the wall at a winery as a group of women explore their inner thoughts with NO filter. This is exactly what we do in our series Wine With Wine. This is "Girl Talk" that is not for those with delicate ears. Let us transport you to a forbidden wonderland that explores the crazy things that happen in modern relationships. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

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Jeff Harrison
How To Transform Pain Into Love | Dr. Jessica Higgins

If you are like me, you have been in a relationship that seemed perfect on paper but turned out to be terrible in real life. You have the same interest, background but for some reason it just doesn’t work. This can cause you to be confused when this so-called perfect relationship falls apart. If you are also like many of us, you don’t make this mistake just once but several times. You find yourself in some kind of relationship death spiral that keeps you coming back to the same type of partners. You may start to see the signs sooner but find it very difficult to break this pattern. You need to pivot but find yourself unable to transform to develop the relationship that will make you happy and fulfilled.

Our guest today, Dr. Jessica Higgins is a Relationship and Transformational Coach. Jessica is known for her deep understanding and keen perception; while being able to translate her observations and knowledge to help clients shift and transform their ways of relating. She guides clients on a path from confusion and heartache to clarity and authentic connection. In today’s podcast Jessica shares her personal relationship struggles that lead her to become one of the best in the business of transforming pain into deep love, connection and vitality. She also has an amazing podcast that I love called “Empowered Relationship, Your Relationship Guide”. Just listen to some of the titles of her podcast, “What Happens When You Feel Like A Victim In a Relationship”, “How To Deal With Partner Envy”, How To Repair a Breach of Trust in a Relationship”, “What To Do When Stuck In Self Sabotage” and so much more. Who doesn’t want to know how to deal with all of those issues better? We are all evolving and striving to be our best self. Before you run off and listen to all of her awesome shows, sit tight and enjoy listening to how vulnerable Dr. Jessica Higgins gets about her past relationships to help you see that sometimes the pain and struggle is the solution.

Website: https://drjessicahiggins.com

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Jeff Harrison
Female Orgasms Unite and Take Over | Stefania Brandner

When you hear the word meditation, an image of a wise old monk setting on top of a mountain with his legs crossed, back straight, eyes closed, hands resting on his knees with the index and thumb touching might pop into your head. He’s in some kind of magical trance that takes years of training to control the mind well enough to achieve. Many of us in our go go go modern world often feel like we are missing out on something if we are not meditating three hours a day or at the very least being mindful and present in our body and mind. We want to feel connected but we don’t know how.

You may be thinking….ok Terah, I want to start meditating but what’s the best for me. There are so many different types of meditation practices out there Zen Meditation, Guided Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga Meditation, Third Eye Meditation, Tantra Meditation, Sound Meditation, Taoist Meditation, and much more. Those all sound great but I’m not really sure what’s different about all of them. However, I have one that is much different than all of these. It’s called Orgasmic Meditation….that got your attention, and yes, you heard me right….Orgasmic Meditation. This is far from a monk meditating in silent on a rocky mountain top. More like screaming in extreme pleasure on top of a mountain of fluffy pillows.

Our guest today, Stefania Brandner is the owner of Rewild Coaching where she works with women who are fed up with their routines and want to embrace their inner wildness. She practices virtual Orgasmic Meditation training to help women be more in touch with their body and sexuality. Since it is virtual (meaning it is on Skype), clients will be in the comfort of their own house as Stefania guides them to optimize their Orgasmic Meditation practice. She provides relevant information regarding the technique, tailored exercises and how to maximize sensations to the women participating and allows these women the space to benefit from the experience without any expectations. Stefania transports women out of their unfulfilling sexual history into a future full of open and connected sexual adventures that prioritize their pleasure with the respect it deserves. Sound interesting? Want to learn more about how Orgasmic Meditation actually works from Stefania herself? Me too!

Website: https://www.rewildcoaching.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RewildCoaching

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Jeff Harrison
How Can Kink Improve Your Relationship? | Midori

“Domination's the name of the game in bed or in life, They're both just the same, Except in one you're fulfilled at the end of the day, Let's play master and servant”.

This is how Depeche Mode described what is now called “Kink” in their hit song “Master And Servant”. When I first heard this song as a teenager, I had no idea what they were talking about. I just thought it was a cool song from one of my favorite bands and to be completely open at the time making out with a boy was as far as I could even think about. Now I understand what they are talking about but like many of us I don’t know the deep down value of this play. What draws someone to dominating another person in bed or even better why would someone want to be dominated? Is this just fun couple’s play or is there something about it that being treated like a dog helps balance a person out? Like many of you I’m curious to learn more; to answer these questions and more we interviewed “The Supernova of Kink” from San Francisco. With a title like that we should get to the bottom of this matter…..then SPANK the hell out of it!

Our guest today, Midori “The Supernova of Kink” is a renowned educator and writer on sexuality that emerged from the Sex Positive Movement in San Francisco in the early 1990’s.

Midori is known for tackling challenging topics with fresh and relevant insights which calls on her “head-heart-hands” method to create a space where people are allowed individual self-exploration. Fundamentally she is motivated by helping people to create authentic and intimate relationships while emphasizing self-actualization, shame reduction, acceptance, and justice.

Her writing is extensive, ranging from numerous articles, columns, works of fiction, to instructional books. She is the author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, Wild Side Sex, and Master Han's Daughter. She leads transformative small group intensives, including ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive, Rope Dojo ®, and The Wanted Man intensive.

When she's not traveling and teaching, she's creating provocative and haunting art and performances.

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlanetMidori/

Twitter: @PlanetMidori (https://twitter.com/planetmidori)

Instagram: @PlanetMidori (https://www.instagram.com/planetmidori/)

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PlanetMidori






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Jeff Harrison
Are We Still Cavemen When It Comes To Love? | Todd Shackelford, Ph.D.

When most people talk about evolutionary psychology they will give the example of a caveman in the wilderness that hears a rustle in the bushes. This caveman from 1 million years ago can think it is just the wind or a lion that’s about to eat him. Without knowing this caveman will have three ways to react; fight, flight or freeze. Even though we are now modern super sophisticated homosapiens that never come across a lion in our iphone and internet world we still have the same reaction as our million year old caveman ancestors when something unexpected happens. It may not be a lion but a surprise email from our boss’s boss can strike fear to our core when we don’t know if we are getting a promotion or fired. We will have the same fight, flight or freeze reaction as our caveman ancestor. You may see the email; freeze and think of what this surprise email is all about. Or you could run away from it and refuse to open it. Or you could get all worked up and be ready to argue a point you don’t even know what it is yet. Evolutionary psychology is a hybrid discipline that draws insights from modern evolutionary theory, biology, cognitive psychology, anthropology, economics, computer science, and paleoarchaeology.

Our guest today, Todd Shackelford, Ph.D. is distinguished Professor and Chair of Psychology at Oakland University and Co-Director of the Evolutionary Psychology Lab. The focus of the Evolutionary Psychology Lab is on the psychology of close relationships, particularly romantic relationships. They study phenomena such as jealousy, infidelity, relationship satisfaction, physical abuse, and sexuality. Current research projects include a diary study of conflict within married couples, and a study of couples involved in violent relationships. Another line of work addresses murder and violence, particularly in romantic relationships, using national crime data.

Todd does a great job of helping us all understand ourselves better and how to use this to have a better relationship with others.

Website: https://www.toddkshackelford.com/


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Jeff Harrison
What Donating My Kidney Gave Me | Ari Sytner, Ph.D.

At the end of the movie “Schindler’s List”, Oskar Schindler met with the 1,200 Jewish workers he forged identification papers for and bribed Nazi officers into releasing from the concentration camp Auschwitz to work in his Nazi ammunition factory to declare they were all free to go. During this very emotional scene, Schindler is saying good-bye to his good and trusted friend that was the financial manager of the plant. As Schindler stands there with a gold Nazi swastika medallion on the label of his suit, his friend hands him a letter signed by everyone and a ring. Written on the ring was a message from the Talmud that said, “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.” As Schindler slowly puts on this priceless ring he looks over the sea of faces he saved and begins to feel regret for not doing more. He questions why he kept his car because that could’ve saved 10 people and the gold Nazi medallion could’ve saved one person. Schindler entered the war as a wealthy industrialist; by the end, he was bankrupt. The real Oskar Schindler is the only member of the Nazi party to be buried on Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

Our guest today, Ari Sytner is a man that embodies the Talmud saying on Schindler’s ring. He went above and beyond the normal gift of kindness many of us pat ourselves on the back for doing. Ari gave a perfect stranger the gift of life by donating one of his kidneys. That’s right….he gave a kidney to a single mother of three children that would’ve died without it. I know what you’re thinking; why in the world would he do this? Ari’s answer to this question would be much different before and after the experience. Before the donation he was a very risk adverse person that would’ve had a difficult time quantifying the value of this very risky endeavor for an unknown reward. After the donation he was filled with so much joy, pride, meaning and love that he wishes he had more kidneys to give; much like Schindler wished he would’ve sold everything to help more Jews live. Ari experienced the powerful impact of what saving one life really means and he carries this spirit into the intense couples therapy he does to save relationships now.

Ari is a rabbi, social worker, therapist, inspirational speaker, Huffington Post contributor, blogger, CEO, organizational strategist, consultant and author of the book “The Kidney Donor’s Journey: 100 Questions I Asked Before Donating My Kidney”. Ari is an inspiration and is the change he wants to see in the world. Sit back and enjoy this fantastic interview with Ari Sytner as he takes us on an emotional roller coaster

Website: http://www.asytner.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/arisytner

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asytner/

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Jeff Harrison
Dating Advice Women Want Men to Know | Dr. NerdLove

When you hear the term “Pick Up Artist” you may picture a cheesy guy telling embarrassingly bad lines to a girl like….”Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven?” Or “If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” Or even more ridiculous “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see!” I’m pretty sure that these so-called “Pick Up Lines” never actually picked anyone up. Best case they got a laugh but most likely they were dealt an EPIC eye roll from the extremely unimpressed lady that had the misfortune to hear them. I’m not even sure if this caricature of a pick up artist ever really existed, but I do know that the modern Pick Up Artist community does exist and it does have trainable methods that can help men get out of their houses and start approaching real women in the real world with more confidence. Guys like Rolling Stones writer, Neil Strauss, popularized this underground community in his bestselling book “The Game”. “Neil Strauss was a High School Loser, Never Made it with the Ladies, Till the boys told him something he missed.” Wait a second….was that the lyrics from the Aerosmith song “Walk This Way”? Never the less….Neil was not good with the ladies and the Pick Up Artist community taught him how. He actually became one of the best in the world at picking up women. He then started going around the country to spread the gospel of picking up women.

Our guest today, Harris O’Malley aka Dr. NerdLove, participated in one of Neil Strauss’s Pick Up Artist seminars to learn how to be better with women. This completely changed his life. He became more confident which allowed him to be his true self. The Pick Up Artist community was a jumping off point for him but not the end. He became a master at picking up women but having a long lasting meaningful relationship was still very illusive. He walked away from the Pick Up Artist world and developed the skills to have a real relationship. Today he has it all and he shares the skills he fought hard to learn though his books, podcast, articles, website and private coaching. His podcast Paging Dr. NerdLove is a must for any man trying to understand women better….let’s be honest that’s every guy. Just listen to these great titles from the Paging Dr. NerdLove podcasts “What Men Get Wrong About Women”, “What’s the line Between Flirting And Harassment?”, “The 5 Texting Mistakes That Cost You Dates”, “This is What Makes You Creepy”. How much to you want to listen to these shows? Dr. NerdLove has an amazing ability to deliver his message. He’s a cross between Howard Stern’s blunt honestly, Robin William’s ultra fast and sharp comedic mind, and Dr. Ruth’s straight forward sex talk. You’ll be laughing your butt off as you’re learning important dating and relationship skills. Before you turn off our podcast and go check out Paging Dr. NerdLove, listen to this awesome interview with the Doctor himself right now.

Website: www.doctornerdlove.com

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Making Mid-Life Sexy | Olga Szakal

Life has a funny way of putting obstacles in our path that seem impossible but end up being the best thing that has ever happened to us. Marcus Aurelius the great Roman Philosopher Emperor wrote, “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” A famous parable called “The King and the Boulder” also illustrates this point

In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock.

Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it. Many loudly blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear, but none did anything about getting the stone out of the way. Then a peasant came along carrying a load of vegetables. Upon approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the stone to the side of the road.

After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded. After the peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the king indicating that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway. The peasant learned what many of us never understand.

Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition.

Our guest today Olga Szakal is a living example of this willingness to make obstacles in her way.…well…..her BITCH! Calling her a fighter is an understatement. She grew up in the 1980s Soviet Union specifically Siberia where it’s so cold and desolate in places that some of Stalin’s prison camps didn’t even have walls because no one could survive outside the camp. Siberia has a highway called “Road of Bones” because so many forced laborers from these prison camps died building it that they used their bones in the foundation of the road. How crazy is that? In the Soviet Union, anything money related like profits were prohibited and even ILLEGAL. This did not stop Olga when she was teenager. She sold blue jeans and female products on the Black Market to make money to survive. This is a much different experience than what I had in the 1980’s. Olga had to go to the black market to buy Levis and tampons. I went to the Mall and Target.

She got out of the Soviet Union with a scholarship to an American college. She built an all American life, married with four kids and like many American marriages she went through a painful divorce. Did this stop her? Hell NO! She built a real estate empire that has made her a millionaire. Now she wants to help women Make Mid-Life SEXY. She is the author of “The Mid-Life Crisis Awakening, How To Rise Up and Become The Woman You Were Always Meant To Be”. She is also the co-host of a weekly Mommy Talk Live Show on the brand new Facebook TV Channel. She is an amazing woman with so much wisdom to share!

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Jeff Harrison
Why Smart Successful Women are Still Single | Jenna Birch

Why are so many smart successful women still single? They have it all….great job, beautiful house, amazing friends but their romantic life is either non-existent or it’s so bad that calling it a train wreck would be an upgrade. So what’s the deal? Modern men claim they want smart, successful and independent women…but do they really? The lab data and the real world practice are not adding up. It appears that women winning in life is some kind of repellent to men. What’s a smart modern woman to do now? Throw on the apron and become the 1950’s TV wife or just keep winning and telling yourself “I don’t need a man to be happy. I have my vibrator and endless batteries”? Lucky for you…you don’t have to settle for either.

Our guest today, Jenna Birch, authored the book “The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life and Love”. The Love Gap is a guide for modern women to have it all. She lays out the four key profiles women encounter dating while offering a complete plan for building modern relationships that take into account these tricky new gender dynamics. If you are a smart woman that is wondering why you are still single, you need to read “The Love Gap” RIGHT NOW! Wait wait wait… wait a second…. FIRST….listen to our awesome podcast with Jenna Birch….then immediately after…go get “The Love Gap” and turn your love life around. But don’t throw away your vibrator...no reason to punish a trusted and loyal soldier.


Website: http://www.jennabirch.com

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Hachette: https://www.hachettebookgroup.com/titles/jenna-birch/the-love-gap/9781478920045/?lens=grand-central-life-style

Plum app: http://plumdating.com

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Did Jesus Have Sex and Get Married? | Dr. Jen

Did Jesus have SEX!?!...WHAT! Did he get married?....COME ON NOW! People are starting to believe that this is true based on the Gnostic Gospels. What’s the Gnostic Gospels you ask? The Gnostic Gospels are Gospels that were condemned from being in the New Testament. These gospels were hidden from the world for almost 2000 years. They were found buried in an area 200 miles south of Cairo Egypt in 1945 by two farmers looking for fertilizer. How crazy is that? They were digging for fertilizer and found some bones and a large sealed jar. Most of us would be so curious to open an old sealed jar found in the ground that we would’ve opened it immediately. These two guys didn’t open it right away? Why you ask? You’re not going to believe this….they actually thought an evil GENIE would come out. I can’t make this stuff up. They later came to their senses and imagined it full of Gold. Of course….Gold motivated them to break the jar. They didn’t find gold but they did find thirteen leather-bound papyrus (books) comprised of 52 Gnostic treatises, three works belonging to Corpus Hermeticum and a partial translation of Plato’s Republic….Quite a find for a couple of farmers. Since the discovery in 1945, scholars have been studying these new gospels which include Jesus. However, the Jesus in these gospels is unrecognizable from the Jesus found in the New Testament. This was a Jesus that didn’t die, took revenge on his enemies and some say had sex and even got married. This is a much different person than the “Turn the other check” man most of us learned about in Sunday school.

Our guest today, Dr. Jen has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is a psychotherapist and sex therapist and she has been studying the hidden sex positive teachings from the Gnostic Gospels which has lead her to author a forthcoming book titled “What was Jesus’ Hidden Message about Sacred Sexuality?”. Dr. Jen grew up in a conservative Irish Catholic home where she only heard about the evils of sex. She always intuitively felt that the Church wasn’t sharing the whole message about sex as taught by Jesus, so she went on a personal quest to find out if Jesus had a sex positive teaching. She believes that this forgotten wisdom can enhance sexual satisfaction, bring couples closer together and help believers reconcile faith with sex in a profoundly uplifting way.

This podcast will be controversial and even difficult for many to listen to. If you are easily offended by the thought of a Jesus that contradicts your personal view, please DO NOT Listen to this podcast. I believe this is a fair warning….don’t you?

FREE Expert of Book: www.drjen.net/book

Website: www.drjen.net

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Single and Searching | Jenny Mysterious Dater

Single and searching in the modern app and online dating world is constantly evolving at a speed that may be quicker than people can keep up with. Every generation has it’s challenges to find love but today’s way of ordering a boyfriend like a pizza is new. Wow he’s hot and he’s not. Swipe left no no no swipe right. I love this guy….even though we have never met. Do I call him back…or text him…or ghost him? How do I know if he really wants a relationship or just a hookup? Should I play hard to get or is that just something my grandma would tell me to do? Is this guy safe? When should I introduce my dating app boyfriend to my friends? Will I ever find love with a dating app or online or is this just a step above swinging?

It’s not easy out there but in our series “Single and Searching” we explore modern dating with singles that want to find love.

Twitter: @MysteriousDater

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