"Friend Zone" to "End Zone" | Marni The Wing Girl

Are you single and confused by women? Would you like a guided tour into the mysterious mind of a woman? If you are ready to get out of the “Friend Zone” and into the “End Zone”, we have the podcast for you. Many men spend their entire lives in a fog when it comes to women. They don’t understand how to approach them, pick up on the subtle hints, how to turn them on, how to compliment them; in a nutshell they don’t know what woman really want. Some guys will get frustrated with this and give up. They’ll think that women just want jerks or assholes that treat them like crap or it’s just money they want. Other guys will see woman as a challenge that can be understood with hard work. They’ll see woman as a great adventure like climbing an epic mountain like Mount Everest. Just as you would never climb a dangerous mountain like Mount Everest without an expert guide to help you avoid the major pitfalls and sharp cliffs, a wise man challenging himself to understand women better will also find an expert guide to help avoid the pain and time wasted on unsuccessful dating. If you are the type of man that is ready to step up your game with No-BS dating advice, then sit tight, turn up your volume and get ready to change your dating life.

On today’s show we have Marni Kinrys (aka “Wing Girl”). She is a female dating coach for men that has spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of men go from the “Friend Zone” to the “End Zone”. She has one simple mission…give the good guy the edge. She teaches men everything they need to know about woman especially the important stuff that other women would never want you to know. She created The Wing Girl Method to give men access to the 5% of knowledge that attracts women which no man can ever teach you. How does she know this? One reason is she interviewed 1,000s of woman on what they want and as luck would have it….she is a woman with a vagina. Which would you rather have on your side, another clueless man stumbling around in the dark or a woman with a very bright flashlight leading you every step of the way? I think it’s obvious! She can teach you everything you need to know to attract, date and get any girl you want. What guy doesn’t want that? Hell I am a woman and I want to learn more. Let’s all gain more knowledge from the Wing Girl herself, Marni Kinrys, in this amazing interview.


Jeff Harrison