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Why are so many smart successful women still single? They have it all….great job, beautiful house, amazing friends but their romantic life is either non-existent or it’s so bad that calling it a train wreck would be an upgrade. So what’s the deal? Modern men claim they want smart, successful and independent women…but do they really? The lab data and the real world practice are not adding up. It appears that women winning in life is some kind of repellent to men. What’s a smart modern woman to do now? Throw on the apron and become the 1950’s TV wife or just keep winning and telling yourself “I don’t need a man to be happy. I have my vibrator and endless batteries”? Lucky for you…you don’t have to settle for either.

Our guest today, Jenna Birch, authored the book “The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life and Love”. The Love Gap is a guide for modern women to have it all. She lays out the four key profiles women encounter dating while offering a complete plan for building modern relationships that take into account these tricky new gender dynamics. If you are a smart woman that is wondering why you are still single, you need to read “The Love Gap” RIGHT NOW! Wait wait wait… wait a second…. FIRST….listen to our awesome podcast with Jenna Birch….then immediately after…go get “The Love Gap” and turn your love life around. But don’t throw away your vibrator...no reason to punish a trusted and loyal soldier.


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