Four Pillars to Be Happy, Joyful and Free | Amy Chuang

How does one forgive someone that hurt them when they were vulnerable, too young or too weak to fight back? It may feel as if the world is conspiring against you for some strange reason. The pain from this can run so deep that it almost becomes as badge of honor or trophy that feeds your ego with a well earned hatred for this person and what they did to you for years. This hatred can build up for so long that you begin to make it part of you and wonder what it will mean to let it go. You may wonder, “I’m just a victim that allows others to push me around? Am I weak? How can anyone ever love someone like me?” Some people hold on to this victim mentality because they feel this makes the person that hurt them forever lower than them because they now owe them. Therefore, if they forgive they will forever be foregoing what they are owed. In this episode we explore the four pillars that will help you forgive others and yourself to bring you true happiness, joyfulness and freedom to live a better life.

Our guest today, Amy Chuang was born in China and moved to America when she was a teenager which gives her a unique perspective on both Eastern and Western cultures. She has studied many different religions and philosophies which has lead her to the conclusion that they all come down to four pillars; Compassion, Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude. In this podcast, Amy goes into great detail on how you can employ these four pillars in your life to not only forgive but find true freedom from people that have harmed you. The four pillars create the right mental state so you can have a foundation of self-healing that will help you love yourself completely. You will be ready to cut the anchors that have been holding you in your desolate place for so many years. You may need to listen to this podcast more than once because it packed full of powerful wisdom. If you know someone that could benefit from this, be the friend that extends a helping hand and share this podcast. Amy’s advice will sink into your soul making it shine brighter than it ever has before.

Jeff Harrison