How To Transform Pain Into Love | Dr. Jessica Higgins

If you are like me, you have been in a relationship that seemed perfect on paper but turned out to be terrible in real life. You have the same interest, background but for some reason it just doesn’t work. This can cause you to be confused when this so-called perfect relationship falls apart. If you are also like many of us, you don’t make this mistake just once but several times. You find yourself in some kind of relationship death spiral that keeps you coming back to the same type of partners. You may start to see the signs sooner but find it very difficult to break this pattern. You need to pivot but find yourself unable to transform to develop the relationship that will make you happy and fulfilled.

Our guest today, Dr. Jessica Higgins is a Relationship and Transformational Coach. Jessica is known for her deep understanding and keen perception; while being able to translate her observations and knowledge to help clients shift and transform their ways of relating. She guides clients on a path from confusion and heartache to clarity and authentic connection. In today’s podcast Jessica shares her personal relationship struggles that lead her to become one of the best in the business of transforming pain into deep love, connection and vitality. She also has an amazing podcast that I love called “Empowered Relationship, Your Relationship Guide”. Just listen to some of the titles of her podcast, “What Happens When You Feel Like A Victim In a Relationship”, “How To Deal With Partner Envy”, How To Repair a Breach of Trust in a Relationship”, “What To Do When Stuck In Self Sabotage” and so much more. Who doesn’t want to know how to deal with all of those issues better? We are all evolving and striving to be our best self. Before you run off and listen to all of her awesome shows, sit tight and enjoy listening to how vulnerable Dr. Jessica Higgins gets about her past relationships to help you see that sometimes the pain and struggle is the solution.


Jeff Harrison