Thank God For Sex Toys | Tracey Cox

Every generation thinks they invented sex and of course everyone is a natural born sex expert. No reason to bother learning anything else about sex because you got this covered. As a matter of fact, this podcast is full of valuable information on hot sex that will be a complete waste of time for an expert such as yourself. Therefore, I suggest turning this podcast off right now. Don’t burden your ears and mind with knowledge on sexual myths, the good and bad influence of porn, and learn about the process of creating sex toys that actually rock your world. I’m sure there is someone on the planet that would like this information but it’s too bad for us that it’s not you. So please turn this podcast off right now. We’ll wait for you to stop it.

Are you still here? Well….obviously you are curious to see what other people don’t know about hot earth shaking sex; those poor poor souls. Maybe one of your friends is one of those unfortunate characters and you just want to see if you can find something to help them. You’re such a good friend to take time out of your day to learn something new about amazing sex for someone else. What a giver you truly are!!

Our guest today, Tracey Cox is known to many as a true Sexpert, but she would not call herself a Sexpert because she says that she is still learning about sex. This is even after writing 16 Sex and Relationship books including the bestseller “Hot Sex: How to Do it”, being an Associate Editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, hosting TV series about sex in the UK and US, appearing on Oprah, CNN and The Today Show, writing a weekly column about sex for the world’s largest English speaking new website, MailOnline, has her own blog on sex, life and love, and has a signature line of sex toys she designed on the world’s most popular sex toy retailer, Lovehoney. If Tracey Cox is still learning about sex, we all need to step up our game. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a great personality. You are going to love this interview with her as we explore the crazy world in the bedroom and how we can all have hotter sex.

Jeff Harrison