“Becoming Cliterate” For All | Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.

In our last podcast titled “Real Men Know She Comes First with Ian Kerner”, Ian explained to us the importance of using oral sex to fully please a woman. He calls it “Core Play” because that’s what brings the most pleasure to women. He also created the word “Cliteracy” and tells men that there are no more excuses for being “Ill-cliterate” with women. Ian Kerner says “Down with ill-cliteracy! The tongue is mightier than the sword! Think outside HER box! Viva la Vulva!” His book “She Comes First” is mainly targeted at helping men understand women’s sexual needs better and gives a step by step guide to blow a woman’s mind in the bedroom. As awesome as Ian Kerner’s book is at helping men, it is only half the battle. Women need to know their bodies better and what brings them pleasure.

Our guest today, Laurie Mintz wrote the book “Becoming Cliterate Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How To Get it”. In this amazing book, Laurie guides women in exploring their bodies to understand what they like so they can express that desire to their partners to bring them maximum pleasure. Her mission is to close the “Orgasm Gap” that has been affecting women for centuries. This notion that sex is for the man’s pleasure and it’s a woman’s duty to satisfy men is so 1950s. Today’s women need to grab their orgasms by the horns and ride that pleasure beast like the world champion bull rider “Lane Frost”. It’s time to take matters into your own hands…literally…and know thy self or at least know thy vulva. If you don’t know how your vulva brings you pleasure, stop expecting your man to be some kind of Magellan that goes on a lifelong expedition to find your O-face. You need to figure it out and then provide the pleasure map to your partner. Laurie Mintz lays this out perfectly in her bestselling book “Becoming Cliterate” and this is a must read for anyone that was lucky enough to be born with a clit, the greatest pleasure generator ever designed. I know everyone wants to jump online and order “Becoming Cliterate” and get down to business, but before you do that listen to this amazing interview with Laurie Mintz right now.

Website: http://drlauriemintz.com/

Jeff Harrison