Single and Searching | Jenny Mysterious Dater

Single and searching in the modern app and online dating world is constantly evolving at a speed that may be quicker than people can keep up with. Every generation has it’s challenges to find love but today’s way of ordering a boyfriend like a pizza is new. Wow he’s hot and he’s not. Swipe left no no no swipe right. I love this guy….even though we have never met. Do I call him back…or text him…or ghost him? How do I know if he really wants a relationship or just a hookup? Should I play hard to get or is that just something my grandma would tell me to do? Is this guy safe? When should I introduce my dating app boyfriend to my friends? Will I ever find love with a dating app or online or is this just a step above swinging?

It’s not easy out there but in our series “Single and Searching” we explore modern dating with singles that want to find love.

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Jeff Harrison