Did Jesus Have Sex and Get Married? | Dr. Jen

Did Jesus have SEX!?!...WHAT! Did he get married?....COME ON NOW! People are starting to believe that this is true based on the Gnostic Gospels. What’s the Gnostic Gospels you ask? The Gnostic Gospels are Gospels that were condemned from being in the New Testament. These gospels were hidden from the world for almost 2000 years. They were found buried in an area 200 miles south of Cairo Egypt in 1945 by two farmers looking for fertilizer. How crazy is that? They were digging for fertilizer and found some bones and a large sealed jar. Most of us would be so curious to open an old sealed jar found in the ground that we would’ve opened it immediately. These two guys didn’t open it right away? Why you ask? You’re not going to believe this….they actually thought an evil GENIE would come out. I can’t make this stuff up. They later came to their senses and imagined it full of Gold. Of course….Gold motivated them to break the jar. They didn’t find gold but they did find thirteen leather-bound papyrus (books) comprised of 52 Gnostic treatises, three works belonging to Corpus Hermeticum and a partial translation of Plato’s Republic….Quite a find for a couple of farmers. Since the discovery in 1945, scholars have been studying these new gospels which include Jesus. However, the Jesus in these gospels is unrecognizable from the Jesus found in the New Testament. This was a Jesus that didn’t die, took revenge on his enemies and some say had sex and even got married. This is a much different person than the “Turn the other check” man most of us learned about in Sunday school.

Our guest today, Dr. Jen has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is a psychotherapist and sex therapist and she has been studying the hidden sex positive teachings from the Gnostic Gospels which has lead her to author a forthcoming book titled “What was Jesus’ Hidden Message about Sacred Sexuality?”. Dr. Jen grew up in a conservative Irish Catholic home where she only heard about the evils of sex. She always intuitively felt that the Church wasn’t sharing the whole message about sex as taught by Jesus, so she went on a personal quest to find out if Jesus had a sex positive teaching. She believes that this forgotten wisdom can enhance sexual satisfaction, bring couples closer together and help believers reconcile faith with sex in a profoundly uplifting way.

This podcast will be controversial and even difficult for many to listen to. If you are easily offended by the thought of a Jesus that contradicts your personal view, please DO NOT Listen to this podcast. I believe this is a fair warning….don’t you?

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Jeff Harrison