Do Men Really Enjoy Giving Oral Sex? | Shaun Galanos

Many women want to know if guys really like to go down on them or are they just putting in some time before they move onto what they want. Let’s be honest ladies….we LOVE oral sex but many of us can’t fully enjoy it because we are worried that he doesn’t like it, I smell down there, he must think my pussy is weird looking especially with his front row view right now, will he think I’m a slut if he knows how much I love this, and so on. All of these questions rolling around in your head can cause you to miss out on something wonderful.

On today’s show we interview Shaun Galanos. Shaun is the host of a playful and honest podcast about modern sexuality and intimacy called ‘The Love Drive”. The Love Drive podcast was born and exists with the sole mission to make sex and love less awkward by talking about it. Shaun brings humor and depth to subjects many are too afraid to talk about. His podcast is sex-positive with true intentions to help people learn more about each other.


Jeff Harrison