Couples In Conflict - Traci and Dwain

Couples In Conflict is a series designed to help couples have a better relationship.  We all have visions of riding into the Sunset on a white horse together and living a fairy tale life and then BAM small things start to add up to create negative feelings.  All the sudden you find yourselves arguing over the placing of a rug, what's for dinner and then that escalates into remembering every little thing the other person did to hurt and how your partner must not really love you anymore.  You have found yourself in the land of defensiveness and contempt.  It's a dark forest dominated by feelings of fear, pride and the inability to give your partner the benefit of the doubt.  You wonder...."How did we get here?"  Often our dreams lie in the smallest of things and we let them go to avoid conflict or the fear that our partner will not accept them.  Getting out of defensiveness and contempt takes working through our own fears and taking the risk of giving our partners the benefit of the doubt to try to understand each other instead of defend.     

Join us as we work with couples to help them get from a state of conflict to acceptance in our series Couples In Conflict.

Jeff Harrison