More Connected and Playful Sex - Shaun Galanos "The Love Drive"

Shaun Galanos is the host of The Love Drive, the podcast that exists to make sex and love less awkward. He is also a coach and consultant helping people drive more sex and love to their lives.

Shaun is a lover of people and an over-communicator, and somewhere along the way, he realized that honest, playful communication was the key to better relationships, more sex, and less awkwardness.

But sex and love didn't always come easily to him. Shaun struggled hard growing up. he didn't know how to approach people he was attracted to, ask people out without coming off creepy, or ask for what he wanted. Everything just felt so, awkward.

After a series of disappointing sexual encounters and failed relationships, Shaun discovered that he was going to have to do the work if he wanted a more fulfilling sex life and a more connected love life.

After putting into practice everything Shaun learned along the way, it was time to share his findings.

The Love Drive podcast was born and exists with the sole mission to make sex and love less awkward by talking about it.


Jeff Harrison