Whine With Wine: Unfiltered "GIRL TALK" Ep 2


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Welcome to make more love, not wars, monthly series wine with wine. Imagine being a fly on the wall at a winery as a group of women. Explore their inner thoughts with no filter. This is exactly what we do in our series wine with wine. This is girl talk, that is not for those with delicate ears. If you're easily offended or have kids listening with you, please turn off this podcast right now for everyone else. Let me transport you to a for bid in wonderland that explores the crazy things that happened in modern relationships. Let's get started.

All right. Welcome everybody to our second episode of wine with wine. I'm here with some awesome women and we're going to be talking about whatever we talk about when you were drinking wine, so stay tuned to that. We don't know what's going to happen, but before we get started, if we could just do a little quick introduction of your names and your relationship status, please Micah. Single hope in a relationship and divorce papers are going to follow up on that. I'm Chelsea. I'm married, I'm married and I'm Kelly, I'm married. We just celebrated in 17 years. Wow, that's awesome. And I'm Tara and my husband Jeff is here. We are the podcasters. Jeff is not, doesn't talk a lot in this one, but he is here to kind of represent maybe questions guys might have as they listened to whatever we talk about. So hopefully you can represent you guys.

Alright. So, well I do want to follow up. Hope you just said your two things in a relationship and divorced. So let's, let's talk more about that. What does that mean? I mean, I was in the divorce process for two and a half years so, you know, we finally in mediation we're like, okay, came to a deal and stuff. So hopefully it goes well with the kids. So we're in that trial and error type of thing where we have a progression custody thing where right now he only gets them for three hours for six visits and he'll get them for eight hours and so on until he finally gets full weekends with them. And then, uh, obviously I haven't really been with him for two and a half years, so I've been in the dating life and met a guy back in May and we entered in a relationship. We actually, after the podcast that we did last time, I was like, yeah, they asked me what my relationship status was and I wasn't sure what to stay because we haven't really like, disgusted or are. And he's like, I would say yes, we are in a relationship. I was like, okay. So you were, you were up for that too. Yeah, yeah, kind of felt like that from the last podcast. I love it that our podcast brought loved.

I'm going to credit you, you're going to, it's all, it's all me without where you'd probably just exactly when he comes and visits, I'll have to introduce you to him and you can be like, it's all because of me. Yes. I will go ahead and get um, what is it called to be able to officiate weddings ordains. I'll go ahead and do that now. You know, when the time comes, but he also has to get divorced. So there's that one. Well, two years it'll be done. It does sound like it was just like, yes, I've stolen this man from his wife.

They've been separated for a year. To clarify to anybody that thinks I'm a scandalous person, just some days, some days you are scandalous. Just not in the good skin. But this way we'll go updates. Yes. So, uh, Micah, any news on your dating life? From what we heard last time? AM still the random people? Random sending no pictures, which I'm A. I thought I wouldn't miss. I'm kind of like, what did they listen for? They mad and no hot tub invites either what? Oh, some people were but, but are you going over to their houses and they are clean. I'm, no, I'm not going to their house. How is anyone sending you a picture of a clean bathroom? No. Oh well they have been hanging out and it's been appropriate. Appropriate, appropriate, like in a good way or in a boring way. So one that I thought was going to be great.

Boring. Oh, he's good. He's a great guy and he's been my friend for years and years, not so much friend zoned yet I friend zone is what gets a guy out of the friend zone. This is a good question. I don't know because jeff was in the friend zone with me for a good two years and he did get out. But the friends I don't actually know friends over to you out of the friend zone. Yeah, I mean that's why I like hanging out and because we have good conversations and I know him and he knows the story and um, no I can't have. You just kissed no kids. I didn't even. You didn't even want to know how I know and I was drinking heavily. Wow. Like even thinking, Oh, you know, if I have some I'll loosen up. Right? No, I do have his name. Anyone needs that? If anyone needs a good man, a good man that is just not the right guy for one year we'll really. I'm still not. I'm still not divorced so I'm technically not single. But in your mind, yes. But ladies, if anybody does need the number of a good man, feel free to send me an email at, make love not war@Gmail.com. Get them to you sure will.

My mom did the dating sites after being married for 30 years. Wow. Um, she uh, started off just like she was dating this one guy and she has multiple sclerosis, so it's hard for her to go out sometimes. And so she was with a guy and then he made a comment like, oh, I don't know if I could be stuck on your couch hanging out with you for the rest of my life. And she had just broke her foot. This isn't always how I am. And then a asshole and he works for the same that my boyfriend does. So I think she has like some bitter thing about him. Trains. No, no, you really make that up right now on the fly.

Mom kind of went into the polygamy type relationships, which was funny because she knew that her polyamory, polyamory. Sorry, I always get it wrong. I think she should go dates. She needs to go out and do stuff. She hung out with her ex boyfriend over the weekend and that was good for her and you need her out of the house a little bit of hope. I really like. I wish she would go out just like a long walk. I just go swimming, mom. I'm going to Phoenix and uh, a week and a half, a little bit more and we can happen to my so nice to just not have my mom around. Love you. Mom comes with separation, you know, whether it's your partner or your mom or anybody that you're with all the time. You need separation from each other to appreciate each other. I mean, well bringing up dating apps. We were talking last time about the idea of having a website or something like that where, where people can talk about bad dates they've had or blacklists people and everything. And, and Chelsea you were saying earlier, you know what it's called. Can you tell us about this? So there's a lovely website that someone has written, a wonderful description of my cheating father on called don't date him girl.com.

That's it. You can write posts about anything you want on there. So how did you find this website? My aunt found him on it actually. Okay. So your aunt found it and then she said, hey look, your dad's on this website. Check it out when I was a freshman in high school, but it still does exist. It's not an interim. And everything are definitely him. Girl Dot Com. Yep. Okay. Yes. So we all have somebody we could add to this website I think. Well, let's talk about him. Who would you add? You know, you can say, or not say names, but I think we all know my ex husband.

Did I go into the detail of the guy that told you? Told me I had to send him nudes to have better dates. Oh we. Oh, you mentioned that. Yeah, we got. Then we got the picture and we got distracted by so dirty bathroom that I'm still traumatized and they got mad because I kept turning him away for dates. I was just like, oh, I can't. I'm busy. I'm really not interested. And then he just goes off on this big rant about how since I have children and I'm getting divorced, that I have to try harder to get men to like me in order to do that, send him pictures of my posts. And I was like, uh, no. Blocked his number and everything. At one point he used another number to call me. It was like Urc Creek. So that's my bad one. Did they think he was going to get away with, by using another number?

His excuse was, I was worried about you. I hadn't heard from you in a day or two. Why'd you do that? I was like, I blocked you. Oh, why'd you do that? Because you're a creep. This guy is probably a rapist. I'm going to put it out there because he told me, uh, if he was in a relationship with me, I couldn't tell him no to sex. And the same goes for him. He couldn't tell me no if I wanted to have sex. Do you think maybe this guy was into bdsm or something like that? Was he like trying to do the whole in general? I never met him like he, he was on a, you know, and as I'm thinking about, I don't think he could have been because bdsm is all about consent. It doesn't sound like he was about consent. No, no.

And he told me he had tried to start it off as we can just cuddle. We don't have to have sex. Total creeper. I was trying to think of something positive, like maybe he was into this and not and not being able to present it in a correct way, you know, some always looking for the positive reframe. There is no positive reframe for this. No. Gosh, I still remember his name. He's a pilot. What is his name? Brendan. Brendan's that are police. No pilots named Brendan creepers. Gotcha. I think I've heard this story before from another woman. Yeah, he's. He was on Okcupid and tinder because I came across them on boats and I saw him on facebook. It came up on somebody you might know who it was. Youtube and you know them too.

And it was this in Texas? Yes. Local. That's his family lived. He was very controlling the point that I was married. At one point somebody had children. I don't think he has children and maybe he didn't tell you and maybe he know that's probably true girl and she, it. He was very much like that and she couldn't say no and he was a pilot. He needs to be on there. Don't date him. Girl Dot Com. Brendan. I have a Scott. Scott. Scott. Yes. In fact, any guy that I feel that certain energy that this guy had who I dated for over four years and oh my gosh, we were for a year. I was dating him, but I, I know what an abusive man is like and I called them all. Scott's now. In fact, Chelsea, you are my friend when I was dating him, probably. Yes. Yeah, because we were in graduate school and then I started working with, um, the violence intervention prevention program where I was working with perpetrators and I was like, oh my gosh. So Scott's both for dating apps. Yes. Yes.

Put him on of us, didn't we? Yes, we did. Oh my gosh. Yes. We, yeah, that must've been an awkward date. I don't even remember it. Remember it either were probably like we have been on our best behavior. We have to back to class. Yeah. Wow, that's right. I remember that. Because you were thinking like you're going to have to marry him or something and because you didn't see a way out. No. Felt the same way. I remember that. Yes, but there is a way out. It's called dark his ass. That's what it's called. Nearly killed himself do it.

We actually tried to bring him back. My mom was too much of a went to try and really going to say, you're going come to the suicide hotline. Call Nine. One one actually. Exactly. That's the. That's how my ex husband was. When things got hard, it's just like I'm gonna kill myself and that's something to threat, threaten suicide or even to do it and try to put that blame on someone else that is ultimately like, I'm gonna kill myself and it's going to be on you. The first one, the first one that did that to me either. You know my Scott's first name was Chris Scott. That's Chris's.

Chris, if you're that guy, you're going to be that guy with every girl and you think you can be that guy with every girl. Yeah. So married women. Have you ever gotten a dick pic? Just sent to you while you're married? Oh Lord. You Know Casey right now. So yes, I'm coming sadly. Wait, wait, are you doing, do you have an open relationship? Is that the deal? Not Current. Well, no, technically I'm some minds thought that he wanted to open it up in January and then once I got on Okc, realize the reality of that history of polyamory, fine with all of them. He's not realize that through this reneged on the rules in the beginning. Um, and, but I informed him that I'm not

going to talk to people. I'm too much of an extrovert, so I'm not going to talk to people and not go meet them. Now I can follow boundaries and not suck them. I'm not going to not go meet people and having a conversation with. So is he wanted to, he knows my history. So No. Um, he just was more concerned about my intentions behind getting on there I think. Um, and whether I think it made him self conscious. Well, it definitely made himself,

but y'all were. I mean, y'all are great year committed to each other. You don't want anyone else all the time. I mean, you wouldn't move out to be with this other person and still come back to your husband.

I'm not going to move out. No, no. If I went back to polyamory or if that was an option for him in our relationship than I would. I mean he would be my primary partner, so to speak, if you had to put a label on that. So when we have a two year old and, and there's nothing. I mean, yes, there's always stuff wrong, but there's nothing inherently wrong. And I'm going to move out right

now, correct me if I'm wrong, Chelsea, but I think that whenever you're in an open marriage, um, you, the person can actually separate sex with love. Correct. Yep. So I don't think it necessarily you're wanting to find a new partner, like a love partner because your love partner as your husband, you're just trying to have sex, right? But isn't polyamory. You can love, but you can, you can be in love with.

That's. No, that's what I was about to say. It's yes. I don't believe that you, that, that there is only one true love for you. So I think it's totally possible for me to fall in love with someone else. But it doesn't negate your love for your husband currently and you still love him just as much. The only question is do I want to start another financial household where someone basically if, if I was to move out or something like that and I don't, I mean I don't have any desire to do that currently. We'll see. But

so right now it sounds like y'all are working through his resistance with it. He from the beginning who knew what your life looked like and that you are polyamorous and maybe he thought he was okay with it, but then when the reality of it came to fruition, when he suggested it and you went with it, then the, now this is harder for him to,

to deal with. Yeah. Well, um, this is seven years later, the initial conversations that we had about my history. I mean, I agreed going into our marriage and our relationship knowing that I was not going to get that anymore. So I thought, yeah. So he opened it up

in January and screwed himself on it literally.

Is it okay for y'all to be

be mono and poly like, is that cool? Possibly as, as a thing. Not for him at the moment, but you're okay with that, you know, and he can intellectually understand why I would want to be with a female because of the cliche genital. Every guy wanted to know. He doesn't want to have to watch. No, it's not that. It's just that he doesn't have a vagina. And so he thinks that intellectually speaking though, that would make sense, that I would still desire a female and because he does not have a vagina, I can't give that to me. But that's a stereotype of people that what people think of people as it's absolutely fucking stupid.

It would be. It could be anybody. Whoever just float your boat.

Yes. Oh, I want to find a girl. It's I want date. Correct. Males and females right now, not just a female. So yeah, no, it has nothing to do with that. But, but he, he can't comprehend me ever physically touching someone else at the moment. I know that when with men I've worked with, that's really hard because they get these images since men are so visual, they, they are tortured by images of things that have or have not happened in the story they're telling themselves in their head, not verbally but with images. And then they can't get them out of their heads. And what I mean, and I've told him this and what people don't understand about polyamory, when you have a primary partner is that honest to God. And if you talk to people that are polyamorous and that has a primary partner, most of them will tell you this, when you go out with other people, it actually drives you closer to your primary partner and there is no way to get that through to someone's head until they experience it.

So I've been trying to push him not to go have sex with anyone but just to go out, go out on a date with someone else, you know, have a good time, whatever. Don't have sex, but come home and see whether you want me more now that you've been out with someone else or not. And you'll understand that dynamic, but you can't comprehend that until you experience. You just can't. That's true. It's just, it's. You're so ingrained in the monogamous, I don't know crap that everybody feeds you, that you, no one can comprehend that until they experience it.

So how do you think that happens when someone has that experience? That, that really changes how they see it? For me it was, it was almost a relief so to speak, that you know, because when, when you, when society puts the monogamous information in your head for so long and you end up trying or testing polyamory, it ends up, you end up feeling when you go out for the first time, like you're cheating on someone, even if you agreed to it, you still are going to feel that way because of everything ingrained in your head, but when you come home and you figure out that that actually is pushing you towards your primary partner more, it's almost a relief, but what if it doesn't push you to your primary per person more than something's wrong in that relationship and you need to address that, but maybe not for you like it.

You might feel that, but he knows you just got done with your date and he's angry and that's something that you. How do you feel pushed together when he's pissed? Well, you know what I mean? Side of it. So you, you're feeling, oh, I am reminded why I love my partner and he's like, my partner just went on a date and that is where he's having trouble with now. Well, we haven't gotten to them to leave me even being able to go on this date, so to speak. I've been out as friends with people I've talked to, but we haven't. I haven't called it a date so to speak. Although what's the real difference? Just the verbiage as long as I know making out with anyone that that's the only question. I have a question. I did have a question, but a lot of people think of poly is you just get to go have sex with whoever you want and it's just a free for all, but that's not.

It is more about communication than anything you will ever experience. So when you come home and you feel like you really want your partner and your other partner and your partner's pissed because you just went out with someone that's normal, talk about it. So that's a good opportunity to, to connect through that feeling because he's pissed because he has strong feelings about you. If he didn't do it, even though he, even though it bothered and then that would be a problem. So that gives you an opportunity to connect deeper. Correct. Through that? Yes. In my opinion, polyamory is more about growth as a human being than it is about the six. Well, no, that's a good opinion because I think it gets, it kind of gets a bad rap. It does. It does. Because no one knows it, isn't it? You don't understand because what you see is oh well she gets to have both these guys and this poor dude sitting at home by himself taking care of their kids. But the. But the sucky part is you have two guys, but if you are really truly polyamorous and you're not just fucking around with people, you also take the same emotional baggage, the same arguments that you have with your partner and times that by two. So like all the arguments you have in a marriage, all the arguments that you have when you're dating and you know, talking about and all that

crap, you have that times two or times five or however many parts, not about the sex of why do you want that? But does your husband, is he a, does he want to be swingers? No, he doesn't. He's not interested in any of it. So he, he's resistant on all levels right now. But he's, he's been to a point, I'm not giving him the physical affection that he wants. So the initial reaction and the reason this came up was that he wanted to seek like the cuddling, kissing part of the physical affection that I'm not giving to them someone else. Language. Yes, it is good to know that exit surveys, but he's, I'm not a cuddler. I'm not either. I mean myself and I and it doesn't make you bad relationship. Very affectionate. But I'm a cutler kind of put it at the third. No, I'll cuddle a friend.

If you need somebody to put your head on their shoulder, rubbing your head and I cuddle with you. Hope. Okay, come on over. We can drink wine and cuddle sesh. There you go. Drink wine and cuddle. Man, that sounds like an awesome evening. Why do they say Netflix and chill? Why don't they say drink wine and cuddle? Because you know he likes cuddling Netflix and chill in my dating days. Well, it wasn't. I mean we started watching some star wars, which I don't really care for school. That really gets you right towards the Star Wars. I'm gonna. Go to sleep. There's not. There's not like watching star wars in the past has been me like, oh, I'm bored. He seems really into it. Let me see if I can get him into me. I'm going to get a job.

Just reinforced star wars, Hope Jeff Lowe jobs whenever we're watching the bachelor and Bachelorette so he will watch it with me and now he loves that show. I've ever watched the bachelor. I watched like the first couple of someone's never ever, ever went down on you while watching real housewives fan without. They're yelling and it makes me feel normal. Normal. They're yelling and I'm yelling at you. You do at home. The Mexican. The mic. Let's give her the mic. That look like you got that flair. Yes. Yes. I do. So quiet. You. So you have like this passionate side. I do. I really do. I mean, I'm Mexican. Of course I do. How long have you been married? I am gonna. Celebrate 10 years. Next. Clearly loves yelling if you're celebrating 10 years. Yes. He actually married me twice, so clearly he does twice. Okay, well

we're going to have to tell us about this. So, um, we got married, we were friends first. We ended up getting married when I was 20. I was a young mom. Um, I got married. It was too much. So I left. Um, we were divorced for two years and we ended up rate connecting and we decided to get married again and now we're married for nine years. That's awesome. That is. I love those stories. I love it. I mean, I know life without my husband and I know life with him and clearly I would. I mean, I live with him is amazing. I couldn't be without him. You're fully informed. Chose life with him. I mean, that's really powerful. Yeah. Yeah. So that's a beautiful story. I love it. Thank you. So how this will send you dick pics.

I'll find an image on Google for you. The one he sent a picture of text and he's like, you want to make out. I mean maybe it's a phone or send me a text that we're sending multiple and I'm like, really? Like that's where your good list when he's happy. This is him when he's sad. This is what he's dancing. What would you do it on a train? You do it with the guys pretty funny. Hey, if you do it on a trade, it's the mile long and it wouldn't be his dirty house. So. Exactly. So if you're in a train then not as house that we don't have to worry about the dirty part. This guy needs a challenge to send you dick pics and different places like not from your bathroom appreciated thing. Gnome that they, you know, to different places. Same thing. Kicks in different places of that. Dress him up. Oh No, no, no. You liked. I mean they all look the same so it's not really like we need to make it fancy or put a bow on it, but not really down for the different places would be like, I'm in the, I'm in a restaurant. Take it right to take it right now.

How many times have jeff played that song for me? Like it's not funny. I just had sex one on that same a group does, but like I just had sex. And what is it about? I don't know. Tara. It's about puppies and rainbows and UNICORNS had sex. Yes, I'll challenge. I will do the challenge and you must bring the pictures to the next podcast so we can inspect the deck in a Mexican restaurant versus like on the plane. Mexican restaurant and Italian restaurant? Yes. Tell him and tell him he can be creative with it. I will tell you that the next phone call I'm, I'm in jail.

Take a picture of ex husband masturbating. I hopped restroom, won't me in my restroom. And that's true. I mean, at least it wasn't under the table. I mean, given that he was mad because I beat him at a game. Oh. So he had to go masturbate because he was angry. Maybe. Maybe I need to live and that can be explained. So what can I do? Here's my penis, my buddy, and understand. At least he, he just, he came out and said, hey, this is what it is. No, it was like I knew and I had his face.

Are you pooping masturbating? Either dropped a load or you blew load. Still inappropriate. Still inappropriate. It's not a night until you hear a snort snort. As long as you're not snorting coke. Yes. Good, good. So awesome. We're not doing that. Oh, and oh by the way, we're drinking wine for readings, winery, which has some more. We need some more. I've already. Jeff, leave the room. Will be on our best behavior to make himself useful. No, he, he probably. He is a hero. When he fetches my wine, he really turns me on. Then I have to say, man, fuck the Bacon. Bring home the wine buddy. I'm saying the challenge, the challenge is being texted live. We will see about the

results. We will let you know if anything comes about in the next however long we're here. Definitely. Sorry, we trying to leave you guys alone.

Oh No. We want to see on the radio show

now. Recently we've ordered another round. We are good at arena. I was snorting. Yes. We ordered this morning. Laughter, challenging. There was snorting and arenas. Winery in. Great, fine. There's also location in granbury and they have delicious wine so much that we are on round three, which is going to continue to make the podcast even more interesting as you're listening. Not only do they have delicious wine, they also have excellent delicious food. They have private rooms. If you want to like get together and do a podcast like we're doing or you have a family meal in the next room over, which is totally boring, but if you want to have one screen patio, great Patios, Patios haven't been out there, but you guys, me drunk. I'm a fun time. Hope is a really fun time when she's drunk, but I'm sorry a relationship.

I'm a fun time.

Let's go laser tag guys and I beat you. I'm also a child and she's a child, so that's actually just out of out of bounds anyway. But then I get that like motherly drunk too, like, oh, you guys. Okay. Are Y'all ready? Drink your water. Oh, right. I was a maid of honor for my friend. She got married this October will be two years and uh, it was an August bachelorette party and we went. Herman, Missouri is a very beautiful place to go. It has lots of wineries, distilleries and breweries and there's like a trolley. You can do a tour and like you paid for the trolley for the day and they'll come get you from wherever you're from this certain places. And um, I made sure we got, we bought a bottle of wine, we downed it and then I would go fill it with water and we would pass it around. It was eight of us are responsible. Yeah. I was very responsible in my duties. I hydrated, hydrated, and I'm not always that responsible. The time I really was. I don't even have a water


done with my almost. Oh yeah, hope has had the most water except for Jeff was not drinking but. And then there was this nice diner, eight of us, eight there, and it costs. Somebody told me, I may have just been really drunk, but I think this is what I was told was it was $32 for us all to have food and a drink. Thirty two each. No. Are All 32 all together with this permanent misery once the travel expense. It's very small area. You just get a picture. I get it. I said, can you take pictures at random places? Sorry Kelly. He said it's your mouth or random place.

Photoshop, photoshop. Here's a picture of us taken. We'll photoshop it while we're sitting here. Wilson, Becca, a beautiful picture of his mouth and then you can just look at that whenever he feels, what we talked about in the last podcast where the sexiest thing that a man can do for a woman is to grow the fuck up tonight. Late dinner, but a little bit while you're doing it. Chris. Jeff, Mr. Clean Marco Polo of him making dinner. Oh see, that is a sexy man. No, I'm like, Gosh, we'll at you. I send them the rest of the from that I made last night and he was like, that looks good. I'm going to make up for my kids tonight. This is bringing a positive spin to the main course again. So we are liking the name now. Thank you Chris. This man cooks food. I've only been married

for nine years, but my husband, I don't Dunno. I don't want to brag.

My husband

actually does cook quite often, so I do own, we own a business and um, I worked basically full time so on Saturdays he will, I will come home to a cooked meal, um, to a clean house. And My, my little one is bait so I literally have to do nothing and I feel really like, does he have a brother

by training? Workshops?

Me telling them bitching all the time that I needed this. Like I'm not the type of wife that's going to be quiet. Like I'm going to bitch quite often and I really tell him I'm really open. I'm really open with what I need. Your direct? Yes,

because they were pulling each other's hair. Oh my God. You just recycle it. We know an old dick versus. I was. I'm so sexting before

he came here. Hope makes confession. No shame. Well, there should be no shame. I would tell you this. My brother shared this pot, the last podcast with his fraternity, which I talked about. And the ex, the ex boyfriend that had frozen cum shot on Webcam. Yeah, I did. I guess he didn't listen to her last story. Tell the story. Shortened version.

Uh, I guess Webcam, sex, I guess cyber sex in those days. Uh, the guys, uh, coming in, my camera freezes on his penis coming out

eruptions. And so I'm talking about the story and my brother knows exactly about this podcast to him. And he's like, I don't remember that. I don't. Uh, I do. It was very funny for me. Really, really traumatizing for him because I was laughing. Sorry. Sorry if my brother, since this to you again, have a great life. I mean, it's funny that you're here. You've gotten to a point in your life where you can laugh at. Yeah.

My name's [inaudible]. I am. Well, thank you so much for everybody for being here and can't wait until our next one already. This was really fun and it sounds to me like the overarching message at today's we're talking about relationships he is, is the amount of support we all need when we're in relationships, not only communicating with our partners, but also being able to support each other like we're doing here and having the outlets and also the huge need that we all have for acceptance and just feeling loved for who you are, not what you do. Love you because you were you, but not in a creepy way. No.

Yeah, no, we're sounding message. Don't be freaking creepy. There'll be a. all right. We're good.

Signing out. Thank you everyone for listening.

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