Shameless Sexual Revolution Ep8


The Shameless Sexual Revolution can only be liberated and spread if we escape the oppressive ideology of the past that has been allowed to corrode the deep passion that lies in all women for the explicit objective to advance a morality that holds NO validity today, yesterday or of anytime in the history of all mankind. We, women of the world, together shall forge a new path –NOT because we are weak alone - but because we are stronger as a single sharp point of power with one mind, one body and one soul channeling a revolutionary vision of our design and our values. Are you willing to wait for a better tomorrow to magically appear without sharing in the struggle we all know is required to generate any change in this world? We, SHAMELESS REBELS, are NOT going to wait one more day.

We are on the frontlines FIGHTING for all women that love sex. JOIN US as we destroy the shame that has infected women all over the world, causing needless suffering and providing NO value to women whatsoever. JOIN US in this FIGHT TODAY! Go to our website and email us letting us know you want to be a SHAMELESS REBEL. Spread our mission by forwarding a link to our podcast to friends and family! Together, one day, we will celebrate our Victory with all the glory it deserves but for today we FIGHT.


Jeff Harrison