International Relationships | Amy Waterman

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All we need is Love Love, Love is all we need. At least that is what The Beatles said. However in international relationships you need more than just Love. You need patience, legal understanding, adaptability, knowledge of cultural differences and much more. We all wish all we needed was love to get through all relationship issues but in the real world road blocks can pop up all around us that make us dig deep to find the strength needed to push beyond just love. In today’s show we explore the difficulties of international relationships and you will be amazed with how tangled this web can be.

On today’s show we interview the brilliant and interesting Amy Waterman for the second time. We interviewed Amy last year about her amazing book “The Pleasure Principle” which is all about woman finding their own pleasure instead of simply suffering for others. I highly suggest reading “The Pleasure Principle” and listening to our podcast with her. On today’s show Amy explains the good and bad things about international relationships. She spent two decades living internationally in many different countries. She knows firsthand the difficulties many people face when they get into a serious international relationship. Amy is a lot of fun and you will love listening to her tell her story.

Jeff Harrison