Becoming Sexy Brilliant | Devina Kaur

Close your eyes. Now think of your family. Your Mom, Your Dad, Your Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and Great Grandparents. See them in your mind’s eye all in a room looking at you. They are studying every move and action you make. You feel their judging eyes on you all the time. They say they love the way you are but change. They love your uniqueness but conform. They love how you speak your mind but you’re too loud. They love your ambitious drive but don’t be such a go getter. Then to top it all off this royal court brings you the person of THEIR dreams for you to marry and spend the rest of your life with. I know what you’re thinking; my crazy Aunt and Great Grandpa are not going to pick the person I marry and anyways does this even happen in the 21st Century. Surprisingly, arranged marriages are more common than you may think. So do they work? Is that actually a better way than what we currently do? We have answers to these questions in this podcast.

On today’s show we interview Devina Kaur to explore her journey from her traditional upbringing in rural India to her self-discovery that lead her to start the Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution. Devina explains how she spent thirty years trying to be the person everyone else wanted but it only resulted in loneliness, depression and confusion. She provides us with an insight most people have never heard about an arranged marriage and how it affected her. Devina has a unique point of view on marriage and dating which she shares in her online courses like the one coming out on February 25, 2019 called “The Power of Being Single.” Growing up in an environment that told Devina she was not good enough in a direct or indirect way made it difficult for her to love the most important person in her life….herself. We can all learn from how Devina uncovered her true self, true meaning and true love so we can all be Sexy Brilliant.

Jeff Harrison