3 Things Men Need to Know To Become a Sex God


Ready to become a Sex God?  Of course you are!!  Let me share three simple steps we women want you to follow to rock us like a hurricane.     

Don’t Rest On Your Laurels:  Ok, I get it that you made your last woman cum so hard she went blind for a second or two when you put her left leg high into the air as you rotated your right elbow on her whatnot while you kissed up and down on her this and that all while you moved your hips to the perfect rhythm of the song “Staying Alive”.  Totally awesome that your last woman came so hard but your new special woman hates it.  As a matter of fact, she’s incredibly annoyed by your ridiculous antics, doesn’t know how to tell you to stop all this clowning around and is losing interest in having sex with you.  Right about now you’re thinking….OH NO, I have been doing the old “Triple Lindy” move on my new girlfriend and I have no idea if she likes it or not.  Lucky for you my second step will save the day.          

More Talk Leads to More Rock:  We women tend to struggle with being direct about our needs in general, and especially sexual needs.  Many of us have been socialized to put others’ needs before ours, feel shame about our sexual desires, and were given the message that sexual pleasure is for men.  All of these messages combined with individual experiences that may have been traumatic and/or shaming can make it difficult for women to proactively ask for what we need in the bedroom and out.   Ask us- does this feel good?  Do you like this?  Do you like it this way, or that way? Do you like it when I move my tongue like this?  Or more like this?  Conversations outside of the bedroom about sex are great opportunities to explore fantasies, desires, and sexual preferences together.  I recommend getting the Gottman Card Decks app on your phone and using the "sex questions to ask a woman" and Salsa cards as a guide.  Snuggle up together on the couch and get relaxed for these conversations, it is important for both of you to feel open, safe, and in a non stressful environment. 

Make It Happen:  It’s time to stop relying on your old tricks from past relationships, and explore a new exciting path designed specifically for your current relationship.  When you understand how vulnerable it is to have us women trust you enough to divulge our deepest sexual fantasies to you, you will appreciate what a special gift it is.  You honor our gift when you allow us the space to explore sexual adventures together with no shame.  I say adventure because that’s exactly what it is.  We are both on an exhilarating journey to discover what each other loves sexually.  There is no destination to reach on this beautiful quest.  With us women you need to always be exploring and providing us a safe environment to be open.   

That’s how you become a Sex God in three steps!

Jeff Harrison